The Left Hand of Aban Saddat
The Players find the source of the tremors felt in Marshcrest and Northwatch

Session 2 of the Cairnbridge Mine dungeon. Not much happened except a large brawl in the grand cathedral where the hand of a primordial lord is reanimating as the rest of the god searches through the depths of Ryllica for his constituent body parts.

Conrad Slips the Scene, and In The Deep Dark
The Players are rewarded for thwarting a plot on the Duchess' life and investigate the tremors under northeastern Urmatha.

After dispatching the assassins on the roof of Marshcrest Castle, the players roused the half orc they captured. He had little to say, however, as he ended his life with a cyanide capsule.

The interrogation stifled before it began, the players alerted the palace guard, and cooperated fully with the authorities. A rare act, actually. The captain of the guard made arrangements for the players to stay at an inn close to the Constabulary, and posted guard there to 1.) Make sure no one attacked the players and 2.) make sure the players didn’t flee during an investigation.

The next day, the Captain disclosed that Earl Harrass had fled the city, and that Conrad Yesterly had gone into hiding. This, as for as the guard was concerned, absolved the players as likely suspects. Free from the oversight of the guard, The Players went to the warehouse district to Conrad’s prop warehouse to investigate.

There they found Conrad loading up two horse-drawn carriages and 8 goons. After some attempted trickery on the Player’s Part (which Conrad saw through because he’s not an idiot, despite what The Players thought for some reason) didn’t succeed, things became heated.

But Yesterly is a man with a plan. He informed the players that if they intended to attack him, his compatriots underneath the sewers of Highcleaf Ward (where his playhouse and tavern are) were listening in, and they would kill Lizzy Tadring if they assaulted him.

The Players, not wanting to harm an innocent, decided to let Conrad win this hand. Conrad escaped, likely to the South to join the Earl and Archduke Therry Abistras.

All was not lost, as they were able to rescue Lizzy. However, she felt her life was still in danger, and pleaded with The Players to take her to Greymorn, the Capitol of Urmatha, where she had family.

That night, Duchess Harrass confered upon the players 3 things

  • 8,000gp in gems
  • The Title of “The Duchess’ Guard
  • And the Jewel of Marshcrest, an artifact that grants a boon to dexterity, knowledge of locales and nobility, and short range telepathy.

The Jewel was given on loan to the players to assist them in their pilgrimage southward into the Kalibar Valley.

The next day, they left Marshcrest headed south for Greymorn to meet with King Rivey. They rode through the night and arrived at the tiny town of Cairnbridge in the grey, misty light of dawn.

Only, no one was around to greet them in Cairnbridge. The town was totally vacant, with the exception of a pair of horses in the north of town tied to the old clocktower of hobgoblin origin.

Investigating the clock tower, The Players discovered the merchant Olivus Thalcoran and his accountant and bodyguards. They were hunched over a sum of gold coins, and their cart outside have been laden with what appeared to be goods from throughout the town. When confronted with the accusation of looting, Olivus claimed that the town had been empty for some time. Clearly the townsfolk had befallen some kind of terrible curse.

It’s at that time a tremor rattled the building and creatures from underneath the clocktower bust up from the floorboards and assaulted the two parties. Olivus fled the scene while his hired help were ripped to shreds. The party cleaned up the pasty, eyeless assailants, and decided to investigate the hole the undercreatures left.

And that’s when they discovered the underground cathedral, and where we left off.

Assassins in Marshcrest
In which our heroes foil an assassination plot.

Last time, our heroes avoided capture from guards for breaking into the recently deceased Timofey Larson’s house. They managed to investigate the match tin they discovered, and met Conrad Yesterly, a Marshcrest impresario with an apparent connection to the underworld.

While investigating, they learned of the plot against the Duchess of Marshcrest and were able to thwart the attempt on her life by 3 assassins in a dramatic battle on the roof of Marshcrest Palace, and even managed to take one assassin prisoner.

But taking that prisoner may have made them a target of very powerful, very influential citizens of Marshcrest. What does the half orc assassin know? Who does he work for?


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