Cup of Light

holy-grail.jpgThe Cup of Light is one of the most holy relics in the worship of Reddigus. It was a chalice made of pure light given by the God himself while he walked the earth to his loyal worshiper, St. Gavern of Elpicrum (a long dead nation that existed in the First Calm in what is now Rahdurn).

It was given only to those deemed worthy enough until it was given to Queen Abista of Anivor, who was the last holder of the cup. She was a just and mighty sovereign who ruled under the principles of Reddigus until her death, when the cup vanished from the Plane of Creation.

Popular legend says that it was then that Anivor declined. 3 generations later, the fledgling nation was reclaimed by the Kabilar Valley, leaving only ruins and stories of decadence, genocide, and chaos.

However, the shrine that held the cup is said to still stand, and it is a most holy site for worshipers of any God of Good, not just the faithful of Reddigus. It is said that those pure enough can summon the cup back to Ryllica, and it will grant a wish to any who drink from the cup.

Cup of Light

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