Hell's Spite

AsymmetricBow.pngThat it is powerful, no one denies.

Ask any Hobgoblin who is knowledgeable about such things, and it is the weapon that tamed the orcs and brought the lands of Karnruul under heel.

Ask any Orc, and it is the instrument of their enslavement.

Hell’s Spite (or Gekkyu Roggurag) was wielded by the famed Hobgoblin general Dragvyugon the Hailstorm, famous (or infamous among many military purists) for using new techniques to bring victory to the Dhurn armies (then still known as the Empire of Gulduggyet) in Karnruul.

Hobgoblins have always famously relied on their fearsome calvary, but the difficult terrain of Karnruul and Orc ferocity stymied the traditional strengths of the Hobgoblin armies. Dragvyugon found success by utilizing human slaves as fodder to slow down the charge or orcs and raining down arrows on humans and orcs alike.

His methods were brutal, but effective. Orcs charge without fear or thought, so even slight resistance would serve as a bottle-neck, clumping their numbers together. Dragvyuggon didn’t have to sacrifice many humans to create these rich targets, and preserved his more important forces for cleaning up.

His bow, however, is a thing of legend. Said to have been forged in the Pale Wastes of Hell, where acidic snow burns and freezes poor souls at the same time, Hell’s Spite is a +1 Acidic/Frost Adaptive Composite Crossbow in the traditional Hobgoblin style of tall (very nearly 2 meters), asymmetric longbows. It is cumbersome in tight spaces, conferring a -1 to attack in any place not tall enough to use effectively, but hits with deadly, chilling force.

Hell's Spite

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