Mildrigan is an Urmathan town of some four thousand residents. It is the county seat of County Mildrigan and is the largest city there.


Ancient History

Like much of what is present-day Urmatha, the land Mildrigan sits on was once a massive battlefield between Aban Saddit and the gods Orramor, Apivar, and Clavis. The battle with Aban Saddit lated centuries, and the oldest ruins in the region are defenses both sides erected, usually underground where much of the fighting occured.

During the battle, Clavis god of prisons, portals, and retribution was killed. His tomb is rumored to be deep under the lands of Mildrigan, though the historians and arcanists of the Order of Mana are disputed on this.

During the Godwar, the Mildrigan region was largely left untouched, despite the war that raged all around it. The results of the war, however, would be felt for centuries after as the land was conquered by the Gulduggyet Empire.

Myldragyul, as Mildrigan was then known, was for a time Gulduggyet’s largest northern post while it worked to subjugate and divide the human tribes of Urmatha. As such, the goblins brought their civilization northward to create roads, grain silos, irrigation, and industrial agriculture. Most of these development projects, like most Hobgoblin industrial projects, were spartan, made to do one thing well. Many of them are still used in some form or another today. Indeed, nearby Southwatch Tower is mostly an old Dhurn fortress with Urmathan additions.

During the Last Slave Revolts, most of old Myldragyul was set ablaze by Ganhorn Tarbert, a one time slave to a hobgoblin general that learned rapidly the ins-and-outs of warfare. Once Tarbert had heard of the revolts to the north he and a small cadre of fellow slaves decided to remove the main artery of Dhurn’s supply line.

Slaves escaped in droves, rioting and killing their Hobgoblin overlords as they fled. Myldragyul was more or less destroyed, with thousands of both human slave and hobgoblin masters dead in the streets. The Fire Night is a local holiday in Mildrigan now, as a remembrance to that time.

Tarbert Rule

Ganhorn Tarbert became a war hero in the revolt, but he was not a merciful one. His hatred for goblin kind was a thing of legend, and those under his banner were ordered to never take prisoners. While some leaders in the revolt took in half goblins (a pariah to both races), Tarbert had them swiftly executed if discovered, which is better than the torture pure blooded goblins recieved.

Tarbert came back to Myldragyul, and renamed it Mildrigan, a more human-friendly name. He repaired the old walls with the masonry of the giant Slave Market that was a hub for the slave trade supplying slaves from Urmatha to Dhurn. He defaced every visage of Dhurn rule, and burned every book or scroll written in Goblin.

As hard line as he was, he was an effective leader. He strove to apply the law firmly but fairly, realizing that this new world humanity was carving out for itself could devolve into a counter revolution if left unchecked or brought needlessly to heel. For every record he destroyed, he ordered a new book or scroll from the Yistar Empire or Arkakrot. While not a patron of the arts himself, his wife, Orana Tarbert, strove to make Mildrigan a place of art. Indeed, the Tarbert House Museum has perhaps the largest collection of statuary in all of Urmatha, with some of the collection prominently on display in public spaces.

Pilson Tarbert & The Unification

When Urmatha underwent the Unification by King Ermin Fresdon, the son of Ganhorn eagerly joined his grandfather’s friend. Pilson Tarbert was eager to engage the outer world, and with Karnruul to the north and Dhurn to the south, opportunities for trade were slim.

The Yistar Empire would not trade with a disunited collective of petty nobles, which necessitated the unification. Still, the Tarbert family and others demanded a weak crown, and the systems of Duchys was created, making Pilson Tarbert the first Duke of Mildrigan, which also included the new town of Plymick, and gave the other notable family of the region – the Abistras clan, rule of Pwern or what is now the city of Abistras.


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